Whilst you are in the projects tab you can edit the project tables.

  • Project
  • Edit the relevant project
  • Edit the selected document to modify the tables data you wish to collect.

Select the Documents tab, look for the document you wish to modify and select edit. Continued below.

Edit Document

Upon clicking Edit on the document, it will redirect the admin to the edit page of the selected document and the admin will be able to view following sections:

Update Document

This section allows the admin to edit the document name and document code - (only if needed as this has already been assigned when setting up the document).

Associate a User to Document

This section allows the admin to associate the previously added users to an Equipment Package. You can create new users from here also. 

There are four types of users that an admin can associate: Vendor, Reviewer, Consolidator and Approver depending on their role within a workflow on a project.

You should only assign a single Vendor. You can assign multiple reviewers, there should be one responsible Consolidator and one responsible Approver.