Document Fields and Tables

This section contains the Document fields of the selected master template you added.

Here the project admin can add/edit/view the document fields and tables and further refine what will be issued to a Vendor for an equipment package.

Select edit fields to add/change/delete fields within the tables to customise the document template to issue to your Vendor. 

If there are whole tables in here that you don’t require they can also be deleted, for example you don’t need the Subsea table for an onshore equipment package.

The system will auto save your changes as you go along.

You can also add a new table if required, be sure to follow the same naming conventions for example - Table No: T16, Table Name: Hose Register.

When adding additional fields within tables the first field is the standard description, the second field is the same description with NO spaces between the words, the third is who fills the field: Client, Vendor, EPC, the fourth select: text for wording, drop down (for a yes-no), date for a date box, integer for a text-number combination. 

Most commonly used is Text and will cover all entries, if unsure select Text.

To delete fields, select the pick boxes on the left and select delete on the right, For multiple delete select the pick boxes on the left then go to the top right of the page and select delete.

When you enter a new field you can move it up into the required position. (ensure uniformity of position is used project wide)