Document tab

This tab contains all the documents associated to the Vendors within the project you are working on.

As an Admin if you have 100 vendors, there will be 100 or more registers including Spares registers, Ex registers, Asset registers etc.  

As a Vendor the documents tab will have the document tables associated to you for your data input against the equipment package you are supplying.

As a Reviewer the documents tab will have the document tables associated to you for your review, consolidate or approval. 

Remember as a reviewer you must first (check out) a document to make comments and colour code and (check in) for other users to access the page and conduct their own review.

Note: You only need to check out a document if you with to make review comments, add data or add colour coding. 

If you want to view any on the other reviewer comments just select the lined mouse icon, you don't need to check out first.

The documents page will show the status of the documents as well as the document name. You are able to choose which document you want to review.

There are six Document Status

1. Created. Created by the Admin for future submission to a Vendor

2. Submitted to Vendor. Document is with the Vendor to infill tags and data

3. Submitted to Reviewer. Document is with the reviewers for validation and comment

4. Under Review. Document is checked out by a reviewer

5. Submitted to Consolidator. Document is with the Consolidator to review all comments

6. Submitted to Approver. Document is with the Approver for a final review before going to the Vendor

Remember to check in once you've completed your review, no other reviewer can use the document until you have checked it back in.