There are two types of comments within the system: Field comments that relate to a single data field and document table comments which are general in nature.

General Comments area - at the very bottom of the page

You can view and reply to general comments correspondence that comes to you with a document table.  This document comments area is for general communication on your overall data submission or to ask questions relating to the document tables. 

This area is not for asking Engineering questions or project questions that do not relate to Asset Data. Projects have other means of communication such as Technical Queries, RFI's etc.

Document comments are for general overall data correspondence.

Field Comments

Field comments are for the data within the cells.

To make field comments as a reviewer you must be in review mode. First check out the document to enter the review mode. 

If you wish to make a comment on a cell, select the + icon on your mouse review tool, enter a title and enter a description. 

These will then appear directly underneath the document data table and will stay as an audit trail on that revision.

You can select the history icon and a pop up will show you the tag number and column the comment relates to. 

You can use this information to make a change to that cell. When you are on the cell you can also select the blue lines icon from your mouse which will show you the same comment.

As a consolidator you may find more than one comment from reviewers on a cell. If this is the case then you should consolidate both onto one comment and delete the other.

For the vendor, if the comments are incorporated and the correct changes are made, this comment should not appear again and the colour will be made green at the next revision. 

You the Vendor are able to make a reply comment (or general comment) on the cell if you disagree or do not understand the comment.