Reporting on your completed document

When in documents you may at any time select the reports icon located to the top right.

Reports are for building combinations such as: a PSV register, tags within a system, items by an equipment class etc.

NOTE: Do Not select all and search, it will slow your browser down and you will have to wait until the search is finished. 

If you want to see the entire register select - Export from the documents screen.

There are a number of report combinations available to you. First select from the top left drop-down for the table you would like to report on and select the refresh iconDo Not select all and search

You can now select Load Graph which shows your colour coding % complete progress and the number of cells completed.

You can also select Search which loads the tables into a single document.

You can further refine the reports by Equipment Class, PO number, System, Colour code etc on the top right hand side and select search again.

The save reports will ask for a name which when run, will be added to the left had side reports tab and also save to your local drive in excel.

The Consolidate report is only for the Project Admin, this report will not save for any other users.