Conducting a document review

This is where a Reviewer will spend most of their time & effort in reviewing the Vendor submissions of Asset Data.

Some packages will be quite small and easy to review whilst others such as Plant Equipment for example will be very large and time consuming. AssetNet has provided a quick review tool-set connected to the mouse icon.

First thing is to check out the document table, you will then enter the review mode on your mouse icon.

Remember to check your document table back in once you are finished or wish to come back later. This was other reviewers can conduct a review whilst you are not using the table.

When reviewing cells you have the option to both comment and colour code. Colour coding is very useful when managing large amounts of data as it gives the Reviewers and the Vendor an instant visual of progress and allows the Vendor to know which data needs correction.

When on a cell the reviewer can select the colour coding – Green is correct, Yellow is cannot verify (no documentation to review by) and Red – incorrect.

The reviewer can also select the + symbol to add a comment for the vendor, this is explained further in the help sheets under comments.

The Reviewer also has the option to edit a cell and overwrite vendor data should it be deemed incorrect and a correct value can be inserted then marked green. If the reviewer does make a change to the Vendor supplied data, its best to add a cell comment stating what and why the change was made.