When we think about the cloud

What makes it incredibly powerful for organizations is that it breaks down walls. The cloud makes it possible to quickly get people in different departments, geographies, and even organizations collaborating together using a range of cloud-based tools to achieve business goals. When the cloud is viewed not as a solution, but as an enabler and a foundation for the principles of FAST Leadership (focus, accountability, simplicity and transparency), we can finally begin competing at cloud speed.

Competing at cloud speed will help improve the velocity of:

  1. Information flow inside and outside the organization
  2. Decision making and commitment
  3. Infrastructure and IT resources
  4. Review, validation and approval times

Competing at cloud speed means putting systems in place that quickly captures data from the vendor and broadcasts it widely into the Client organization, it means putting the processes and decision-making tools in place at a far cheaper cost than an internally hosted system.