One shared global platform

Promote efficient collaboration with fit for purpose, secure, cloud-based software that spans companies, countries and time zones. Ideal for your many hundreds of Vendors located globally.

Project-wide workflows

AssetNet parallel workflows give you control of review, consolidation, validation and comments with an audit trail.

Global presence, local expertise

Deploy quickly with help from the AssetNet team using project-specific templates that are customised for a project and available at any Vendor location anywhere in the world.

Reduce your project timelines

Deploy quickly. Projects will shorten their set-up times, expedite faster, shorten review processes and close out vendor submissions much more quickly by using AssetNet.

Reduce Submission and review timelines

Don’t wait weeks and months for spreadsheets and databases to come through the document control process. Projects instantly receive data when submitted allowing for a much faster validation to use the data now.

Operations and maintenance

Reliability and Maintenance teams have far better visibility and access to whole data sets from the online consolidation database which can be easily exported for use in other systems or enrichment programs.


AssetNet uses multi layered security that complies with the highest standards for the most up-to-date deterrence threats to the system.

Work in your own way

AssetNet is a multi-platform system accessed over the web via PC and has integration with notifications into MS Outlook so project personnel can choose their preferred way to receive notifications and connect with the system.

Support programs

Ensure project-wide adoption with training and support for every client, vendor and contractor on the project.

Cost Effective Solution

AssetNet costs a lot less than your typical installed solutions and there are no hidden licensing or support costs so you can set your project budget with confidence.

Upload templates

Add external systems data. Enter your line lists, cable schedules, equipment tag lists and vendor data into the AssetNet template for upload into the system.

Audit Trails

Every submission on AssetNet is captured within an audit trail along with permanent copies of data files. Manage disputes with a complete data file record that is safeguarded by a third party.

We get results

Our customers found that AssetNet greatly improved their control over management of change, repeatable processes, turn around times and workflow management of data submissions.