Online data collection platform

Cloud based, easily configurable, easy to deploy, a faster and better way to save time and money on our projects; this is some of the positive feedback we are receiving.


Master data collection templates are customizable to each project and are configured even more accurately down to the Vendor Package level; we only ask for the information you need, therefore also reducing the burden on Vendors.


Here data such as a Tag List, Cable Schedule, Piping Line List or an INtools extract is collected from a wide variety of sources into a standardized project template for importing to or exporting from AssetNet.

Online Data Review

Asset Data is automatically distributed via a Workflow Matrix to responsible engineers for review, comment, colour coding, consolidation and approval, no waiting for it to be loaded into a DMS system.

Online Validation

The Validation team can apply an extensive, multi-step validation process to ensure the information received is correct, complete, accurate and of sufficient quality to specification.

Online Consolidation

Information can be grouped as relationships between data is brought together bringing added-value to your engineering information

The Data Library

We collect and processes millions of data fields and gather large amounts of information giving the client a comprehensive re-usable data library for Vendors, Commissioning, Operations and future projects.


A customised reporting dashboard tracks progress and produces comprehensive reports on completeness, correctness and real time progress of Asset Data.


A completed and validated project dataset is handed over at project completion milestones