Document Entry Area

On clicking the Enter Button a user will be taken to the document tables where you can enter the required data or conduct a review depending on the issue status

If the document status is ‘Submitted to Vendor’, then you the vendor/supplier have received it to enter your equipment tags and data.

If the document status is issued to reviewer then you the reviewer have received it for review, colour code and comment.

Vendors, if you are unsure as to which data should be entered into a cell then each field has a column header that denotes what is required in that field. 

You can hover over the header or the ! icon and a pop up will describe what should be entered into the field.

NOTE: Remove any symbols from your data entry. Symbols such as !.,@#$%&*()+=”  are not to be entered as part of data submission.

You can use a dash symbol in the tag number if it is required by the Client Tag Specification, for example JBX-ZZZ-001