Adding data field rows

Initially you the vendor/supplier may be provided a document able with empty Records, if so then select add and a number of records and rows will appear that you can enter your data into.

Where you need to add additional rows (depending on the number of tags you have) simply select add 1, 5, 10 or 15 additional rows. It is best to add the minimum amount (a single row at a time) so you don’t submit a large amount of empty rows for review as rows are added to the top of your document table.

You may also have blocks of tag numbers pre-filled down the left hand side in the first column depending on how your project is set up.

Note: For bulk tag amounts, you can export the table into excel, pre-fill your data and import back into the system.

Single row entered below to begin your data entry. Note: all rows must include a valid tag number in the first column.