Submitting your completed document

After entering your data it is automatically saved. When you have completed as much information as you have available for Revision A you can submit this document to the client engineering team for review. This can be done by selecting the button ‘Submit for Review’ on top right of the page. 

After submitting for review the status of document changes to ‘Submitted to Reviewer’ and is now locked until the review workflow is complete.

Once it is reviewed it will be returned to you with comments and colour coding. You need to review the comments and make the applicable changes before your revision B submission.

Note, upon return to you the colour coding denotes your progress: Green is – correct (no further action required), Red is - incorrect (you must update the entry), Yellow is – we cannot verify this entry (we do not yet have your up to date documentation to review against.)

After one complete review cycle the document will be returned and you will be able to see the review comments. Review these comments and make changes to red, yellow and blank fields and re-submit for the next review. It will automatically update to Revision B and so on.

If you require further assistance contact the project administrator.

Note, your obligations for Asset Data will remain until all fields are reviewed and marked as green.